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Do you own your current website? Can you access the content and files online and make changes as and when you choose? When we build a website for you we treat it as an asset of YOUR business. This is why we give you the option of owning your website completely.

The only restriction is that to receive our ongoing support your site must remain hosted on our servers. If at any time you wish to move it to another server we will pack your complete web site (database included) and send it to you for re-installation.

We Build It - You Own It

Our research has shown that  many business who have web sites find they have difficulties when it comes to the actual ownership of their web site. We have had several customers requiring us to take over the online marketing their web site but the question of ownership has arisen.

They often find that they own the content of the site, but the developer /designer owns the system and won't allow transfer of the site or access to the files which make up the web site. Hence web site owners who find that their web site is not performing as they wish are required to fund a whole new site or be stuck with one they have.


We build your site to be search engine friendly as we are specialists in understanding what is required to attract the search engines and potential customers matching the business objectives for your site. We are unlike the majority of designers who are great designers graphically, but do not build the site to be search engine friendly or open to SEO (search engine optimisation ) and SEM (search engine marketing).

This not their problem as they are designers not specialist online marketers who understand how to get results from a web site, but it does become a problem for YOU, the web site owner.


We are able to include a range of social media functions and video connections to your site. This enables you to utilise the power of sites such as Twitter , Facebook , LinkedIn , Stumbleupon, Youtube , Google+ , Vimeo, Pinterest and more.

Social Media and Video is by far the greatest marketing and traffic driving mechanisms so you really need to be taking advantage of it. If you are not Social Media & Video Aware you are missing excellent opportunities to bring more visitors and customers to your business. Not only can we provide you with a website thatcan include Social Media and Video functions, we can also provide you with Social Media Management services. 




There is hope for us yet!
Mike is my Web Developer and SEO expert. He's a good friend too. Right from day one I thought, "nothing flashy, just good honest advice backed up with common sense." ...
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