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Affiliate Marketing - Empowering You To Earn From Your Website

An easy definition of affiliate marketing is 'referral marketing' or 'online commission sales'.

Affiliate marketing involves two parties:

The Affiliate Merchant- The merchant offers products for sale and the opportunity for you to make a commission for referring buyers to these products. Commissions vary depending on the type of products and the profit margin that the merchant is able to achieve.

The Affiliate Marketer - The marketer is a person or organisation who joins an 'Affiliate Program', either through an individual merchant or through an Affiliate Centre. They then refer buyers to the merchants products through images, banners, or text links which are connected to the merchant through a unique traceable link.

Making The Most Of Affiliate Marketing 

You can earn from an affiliate program in two ways.

Become an Affiliate Merchant and offer Affiliate Marketers (website and newsletter owners) the chance to earn some income by promoting your products or services. This is the most logical choice if you are able to offer attractive commissions to others. As an Affiliate Merchant you are also able to add affiliate links to your own web site and earn a commission from visitors who decide that your products are not quite what they are looking for and follow one of the affiliate links on your site.

Become an Affiliate Marketer

By becoming an Affiliate Marketer you are opening up a whole new income stream. Whether you have a web site of some other means of promoting a merchant's products you are in a perfect position to start earning commissions.

If You Don't Have A Web Site

If you don't have a web site you can still earn from affiliate marketing by adding your affiliate banners and links to places like the Australian Banner Exchange

Payment of Affiliate Commissions

The Merchant will pay the Affiliate Marketer either directly or through the Affiliate Centre (see below) to which they belong or directly to you from their own affiliate program.

Payment Methods

Payment can be made using various methods but one of the most popular is through PayPal, the online payment gateway. Payment is also often offered by direct bank deposit and/or cheque. If you decide you want a cheque, be sure that your bank is not going to charge you a huge fee for a foreign cheque transaction. if you are going to be charged a bank fee you should ensure that you can set a minimum payout level for your commissions with the merchant or affiliate centre.

Your Own Affiliate Program

If you would prefer to have your own affiliate program we can recommend, install and host an affiliate program for your website. The type of affiliate program depends on the type of products, services and your own preferences. If you would like more information please contact us for details.

We have tried to provide as much information here as possible. If you need more information please contact us . We are happy to help you with your online affiliate marketing.





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