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Web Address Registration (Domain Names)

Why register a web address?

There are many reasons to register a web address with the following being the major reasons:

Protect Your Identity

Whether or not you are considering owning a web site if you are in business you should make it a priority to protect your identity on the Internet.

A common mistake in business is to build your business identity and not purchase the domain names (web addresses) that are related to their business. Many businesses forget about this important item and then find when they want to extend their sales to the online world they have problems obtaining their preferred web address. It is always advisable to register your domain name with all the extensions possible (e.g. .com, .net, .com.au, .net.au etc.)

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Get a Search Engine Friendly Web Address

To achieve good rankings in search engines and attract relevant visitors to your web site it is imperative to have a good domain name that is rich with keywords. Starting a successful business online starts with choosing a domain name that is going to get you noticed by people looking for your products or services. For marketing purposes it is not always advisable to register a domain name that is identical to your business name and aspects of your marketing plan should be taken into consideration before you choose your web address.

It is also important that you know if you are permitted to own a particular domain name as some types of domain names have restrictions on ownership.

We can assist you with the choosing a good domain name for your web site.

There are restrictions on purchasing .au domain names but this does not stop you from registering a keyword rich web address that will help your web site achieve higher search engine rankings and attract more relevant visitors. For domain name eligibility details please contact us. We can discuss and research your options before buying.

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Web Address Prices

Prices vary depending on the type of domain name you purchase. The maximum and minimum period you can register a domain name also varies depending on the extension (.au, .com, .eu etc.)

It is believed that registering a web address for a longer period of time does have an advantage with search engine ranking but there are no certain facts about this as search engine companies keep this type of information from general consumers. We have noticed better ranking for domains that are regitered for longer periods of time and domain names that have been renewed more than once.

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